"The future is green or there is no future."

I faithfully believe that we can make a change together for the planet, I leave you part of my work and I hope you will join the change of ecological consciousness.

Working for business and environmental balance. Innovation in ecological projects based on a circular economy.

My approach and work


Business environmental impact.

Web Design

Digital systems for the environment

Circular Systems

No more "buy, throw away". Time to take responsibility.


The future is ecological, be part of the movement.

For decades, the business world has been one of the main enemies of ecology, especially the industrial sector, which has favored the destruction and pollution of the environment. Today, however, it seems that change is possible.

Some Personal Projects

Largest online store of sustainable products in Costa Rica.

Seeks to promote sustainable consumption habits, through a digital and informative platform, guided by the principles of the collaborative and circular economy.

Global benchmarks of conscious and ecological consumption.

Online store that implements and raises awareness about the use of natural garments based on biodegradable fibers, such as bamboo, hemp or organic cotton.

Namubak was born with the desire to promote an adventurous lifestyle that encourages people to go out and enjoy the natural beauties that the world offers us, without harming it.

At Ecotiltex we believe in a Sustainable Fashion Future.

It's about buying with intention, rejecting the throwaway fashion culture to champion sustainability. The clothes we wear have the power to create change.

We offer a modern resale experience on one of the largest online platforms for pre-owned clothing, providing a fun and convenient place to shop and clean out your closet.

Costa Rican agroecological project with the purpose of encouraging healthy cultivation for soil, plant and environment; by providing a new sustainable option in plastic-free plants.

Everyone knows the importance of having plants or green spaces at home. Humus makes it easy, with a few simple clicks, to start your organic and plastic-free garden. Grow in your own home.

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